2023-03-28 20:21
Product overview
Rail Infrastructure™
Predge Rail Infrastructure™ enables predictive maintenance on your infrastructure by integrating, synchronizing, and analyzing data from multiple sources. By refining the available information and presenting it according to your needs and standards you know when and how to act to optimize your maintenance and increase the availability of the assets. The information is adapted to different roles with different planning perspectives and needs.

Decision support
Predictive actions with your segmentation
The decision support provides information on when and where to perform what action. The information is tailored to your assets and aggregates all relevant data to make informed decisions. The solutions is automation-ready and allows for creation and communication of work orders directly into your maintenanance system.
Prediction of Track Geometry degradation
Predictions based on geometry data from one or multiple measurement technologies. Introduce insights based on acceleration and speed to further understand the degradation of your assets.

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